With the use of computerized EMG instruments (electromyography – ‘myo’ means muscle), you can directly observe the state of tension or tightness in your muscles. Small surface electrodes are placed over your muscles so that very small changes in muscle tension may be recorded instantaneously with the biofeedback device. By observing how tight your muscles get during a stress evoking situation and then watching how completely you can voluntarily relax your muscle tone, mastery of the neuromuscular stress response can be gained.

Just as six or seven lessons are not enough to learn to play an instrument, mastery over your body process does not come easily. By having a period of time each day in which you experience profound relaxation at home, you will quickly master the art of relaxation and the art of using appropriate muscle tension when necessary.

By observing your progress in the relaxation response from week to week, you will soon learn how much the stress response has contributed to your pain and problems. We use muscle training, temperature monitoring, and breath training attachments with the biofeedback to improve your relaxation skills.