Success Stories: Neck, Extremity, & Back

Read through real client testimonials about Neck, Back, and Extremity issues to see how much Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center can make a difference in your life.

Cindy, Thank You! I was honestly not sure that PT could help me keep doing the things I love doing best. And here I am doing it all: tennis, hiking, trail work and gardening. (The dance floor still awaits.) I valued your approach and listening skills as well as your hands-on work—-particularly your willingness to incorporate Feldenkrais into our sessions. Now, when I am tired, sore and hurting, I just get down on the floor and work it out. So long, ALEVE!


The increasing stiffness of my back has been greatly alleviated by your therapist Heather. The discomfort and pain are significantly reduced. An added benefit is learning movements and techniques that not only prevent relapse but also encourage overall health.

– LS

I can’t begin to say how much this clinic has helped me! They are very compassionate and thorough with treatments!

– MD

Carol, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help and assistance with my physical therapy. It has been such help and a blessing. I am so grateful. Your whole office was so gracious. Thank you so much.


I love coming here! This is my third PT in 2 1/2 years and I have had the most success here! Thank you

– VG

I was pleased and impressed with the friendly, professional, and caring atmosphere!

– BS

Best Physical Therapy I’ve had in many years!!

– JT

The clinic provides excellent therapeutic physical therapy that works your mind and body. I have never experienced such excellent care. The staff and PT’s are experts but yet very compassionate. That’s a hard service to find these days!

– CM

I have spent years trying alternative medicine as well as physical therapy; I have had better results overall with Heather. Thank you!

– SR

Wonderful care! I’ve learned a lot. The caring and understanding staff makes treatment so much better!

– AS

Heather’s patience, encouragement, and exceptional skills are providing the opportunity for a better quality of life. She has helped me with breathing, taught me exercises to ease jaw, neck and back pain, and continues to search/find new methods for improving my condition. Her dedication and obvious interest in patient well being is in and of itself uplifting. I have a better understanding of my condition and with this information am better able to cope and work toward the best I can be.

Heather’s exceptional professional care with heart is an incredible gift. I wanted to share with you the numerous ways she has already helped me and improved my life. I am so very grateful.

– BE