Success Stories: Pelvic Floor

Read through real client testimonials about Female Pelvic Rehabilitation to see how much Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center can make a difference in your life.

Heather, I’m so thankful that I found you to be my physiotherapist; I feel like it was meant to be. You have guided me to listen and pay attention to my body and to not internalize tension within myself. I’m not only thankful for helping me progress so much physically. Your listening ears and pertinent advice was often just as helpful as your healing hands. You are as wise as an owl. I know that there are many more women who will be so lucky to find you, and I’m grateful that I was one of them.

– René

I have to tell you, Heather, that all your work with me has made a HUGE difference not only with diminishing and managing the pain, but with raising my awareness about all the things I can do to keep conscious of this part of my body, you are REALLY good at what you do! I shall miss not only your amazing bodywork, but your words of wisdom as well…..truly. I highly recommend your services for future patients needing physical therapy. Thanks for everything, Heather. You are the best!

– DM

This is my chance to give you immense gratitude for all the care you [Heather] have given me over the last several months. I really appreciate all of your wisdom, compassion, and expertise on the body and the spirit…you are a gem and I’m so glad I worked with you when I did. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of body care, especially women. Anyway, thanks for all the healing and I send many blessings to you!

– Amanda P.

I would like to express some words of appreciation for Cindy Roundtree. She is a woman who has a special gift for making me feel comfortable as we worked towards helping me with body changes due to menopause. I appreciate the word and effort she gave to me while in her care!

– CV

I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect, now I not only advocate for this therapy and Heather as a therapist, but feel as if I am a new woman!

– JA

Staff is very friendly. They make what could be an awkward situation comfortable. Love how the environment was professional yet welcoming.

– TG

After the vaginal birth of my second child I found myself having severe pain during intercourse. I was referred to Carol and WOW! I quickly learned I had suffered way too long. Carol is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable from the beginning and her knowledge of the pelvic floor is incredible. I’m so grateful for her care and the fact I can enjoy sex again!

– JZ

Carol helped me change my life in an immense way. When I began therapy almost a year ago I was scared, I was afraid of sharing my story, afraid of the pain, and afraid that I may not recover. Despite my fears, Carol invited me into a place of healing where I felt comfortable and safe. I had been struggling with vaginismus ever since adolescence, it plagued me for a long time taxing me both mentally and physically. I cannot express how utterly ecstatic I am about the goals I have reached from pelvic floor therapy. The harmony I now have between my mind and body is something I will never take for granted. I use to separate my reproductive system from the rest of my body, now I have embraced all that I am physically and so my mind is at rest. Carol has always been so genuine and kind. I felt so comfortable asking questions, and Carol always answered them in a way I understood. I really enjoyed receiving informational handouts that gave me the tools to triumph over vaginismus. I once believed that I would grow up alone with a partner and without children, but now I know that the future holds so much more for me than that.

– SF

Carol is the ‘miracle working’ therapist everyone hopes to be lucky enough to find when injured or in pain. I spent one year and four months in pain after a car accident until I was referred to Carol and Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center for pelvic floor therapy. Prior to physical therapy, I could not have intercourse with my husband without cramping, vaginal pain, hip, buttocks and inner thigh pain which would leave me limping. I could not walk for more than two blocks without crippling pain. My marriage was in meltdown, not to mention my emotional and mental state of health. Until we are injured, we take for granted that those complex internal muscles will just work for us. I met with much reluctance and discomfort even talking about pain in my ‘private parts’ with other health professionals. I went to two chiropractors, an osteopath, two gynecologists, four massage therapists and three other physical therapists before I found Carol. After my first visit with Carol, I had incredible relief from the intra-vaginal work she did. This new sensation of absence of constant pain made me giddy! It only improved from there. Carol and her staff are wonderful. The setting is homey and relaxing, the people are friendly yet professional. I would advise anyone who has been injured or has a disease not to wait to get treatment because of fear or embarrassment. Pelvic floor therapy with Carol has given me back my life: my sense of humor, my positive attitude, marital harmony, and the ability to perform daily tasks and to exercise again. The greatest gift is freedom from pain, and I can’t thank Carol enough for that.

– FS

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a patient of yours in mid-late 2007. I wanted to, once again, thank you for everything you did for me and all the help you provided. I also wanted to update you on my condition…as of last Christmas I hadn’t had a sexual partner in over a year. I started seeing someone in early December last year. We had sex at the end of December, and it was my first sexual experience since our therapy ended. My partner and I talked about my condition before hand and he was very understanding. Nevertheless, I was very nervous. The good news is that I felt a MAJOR improvement!! The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 2…which is absolutely amazing to me, considering it was about a 9 or 10 for sooo long. I actually cried after the first time (which I am sure freaked him out, but he seemed to understand). As time went on , we tried having sex more frequently and to my surprise if we did it multiple times in one day, it hurt less the second time. Good news! You helped me, supported me, listened to me, and made me feel confident again, I can’t thank you enough for that Carol!

– AG

Work so intimate requires an exceptional kind of therapist. I am forever indebted to Cindy for her patience, support, kindness and encouragement as I continue on this liberating journey of self-discovery. It had never occurred to me that memories, childhood injuries and emotional upsets or, in fact, any traumatic experiences could still be hanging about in my vagina and pelvic floor area. For decades I had felt a detachment and disassociation from the core of my being especially in physical relationships. Thanks to Cindy’s coaching and gentle internal work, I feel as if I am truly alive at last!”

– HD

I have been thinking about this email from you for two years now! You probably don’t even remember me well, but I have always remembered the HUGE impact that you had on my life with your approach to pelvic floor PT for me (seriously — if you told me that I would fall asleep at some point during a vaginal exam that was not painful, I never would have believed you), your understanding and gentle nature, and your persistence in appointments with me despite the fact that I was often not able to complete exercises at home. I have always appreciated the fact that you emailed me to check in on my life after I had been discharged as a patient… I have come a long way and PT and meditation have been instrumental for me, though I know it is always something I will have to continue to manage in order to have sustained relief from pain (and a happy sex life lol).

– AF