Success Stories: BioFeedback

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This may sound like an exaggeration but it's not: Carol and her team, through astute assessment, caring attention, and an intelligent treatment plan, improved the quality of my life to a degree that defies my ability to express in words. When I came in for my first appointment I was suffering from severe leg pain, neck pain, a shoulder muscle separation, and swelling of my legs due to poor circulation; my activities were significantly limited (not being able to engage in sports was particularly frustrating). But after one course of treatments with Carol, Cindy, and Lisa which included bodywork (by Carol); manual PT and strength training (with Cindy); the best massages I've ever had (by Lisa); and biofeedback training (Carol, Lisa, and Cindy) to reduce stress, relax musculature, and thereby increase circulation, I feel like a new person! The leg and neck pains and swollen legs are gone, and my shoulder muscles have come back to their proper alignment; I am now stronger and in better shape than I have been in years, and I'm back to most of my normal activities including walking without limits and a return to the racquetball court. Thank you all!

- Barry B.

I walked into Heather’s office with a 10-year-old S.I. joint/back problem that some 20 different practitioners (physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, a physiatrist, acupuncturist, a whole body dentist, cranial-facial pain specialist…the list goes on) have all taken a stab at fixing. A few of them, over time, moved me towards better health by addressing my TMJ and giving me braces, but I continuously slipped back into pain. I was skeptical, after all these years, about returning to the beginning of my journey – to a physical therapist. But Heather was recommended by a Portland dentist who specializes in TMJ issues. And Heather isn’t your average physical therapist. TMJ disorders are her area of expertise; and she has deep knowledge and intelligence about her craft, and she has the drive and curiosity to keep learning new techniques. She has given me effective exercises that allow me to manage the problem on my own. Through biofeedback, which no one else had ever suggested, we learned the neck/head position that keeps me better aligned and out of muscle stress. She also taught me about proper breathing and the larger bodily consequences of daily stress. No one, within the plethora of practitioners I saw in the large east coast city from which I recently moved, gave me the time and range of tools she has offered. Thanks to Heather, I can exercises again, understanding the limits of what movements I can do and what I should avoid. Her goal has been for me to stop needing physical therapy, and, miraculously, it looks like I’m there. As anyone who has lived with pain knows, there is no greater gift than returning to a pain-free life! Thank You!!

- Kyna

My doctor at the Mayo clinic recommended biofeedback for the pelvic floor eight years ago. Now I know why! It works! Having bowel incontinence for more than thirteen years, in addition to mercury and lead toxicity with multiple chemical and food sensitivities, I just didn't follow up on the biofeedback. Nor did I fully understand what it was. Biofeedback helps one re-learn what muscles have forgotten. By actually seeing on the computer what muscles are being used, one can then practice control and improve this function. Carol's patient and intuitive coaching combined with the biofeedback therapy has been amazingly helpful. I wish I had begun this therapy long ago!


Each woman's experience with vulvodynia (vulvar pain) is truly personal and different from everyone else's. This condition may be difficult for some to discuss with family or friends. I have found sharing the experience and feelings with other women who suffer from the same condition often help smooth a rough journey. My own experience started about five years ago. Along my journey I was treated by more than eight healthcare professionals and tried a variety of therapies and medications. After a five-year roller coaster of a battle, I have finally come to the point of physical and emotional healing. I owe a huge part of my improvement to Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center. They offered me a warm and caring environment where I felt safe to explore different options in suggested therapies. Their approach to healthcare emphasizes treating the body and spirit as a whole. I not only found relief for my vulvar pain, but also was guided by the staff to a more healthful life. I was given insight into being more 'in touch' with my body: learning skills for relaxation, stress relief, good nutrition, and overall wellness.


Carol, I want to let you know how appreciative of you I am. You have helped to change my life in an immense way. When I began therapy almost a year ago I was scared, I was afraid of sharing my story, afraid of the pain, and afraid that I may not recover. Despite my fears, you invited me into a place of healing where I felt comfortable and safe. I had been struggling with vaginismus ever since adolescence, it plagued me for a long time taxing me both mentally and physically. I cannot express how utterly ecstatic I am about the goals I have reached from pelvic floor therapy. The harmony I now have between my mind and body is something I will never take for granted. I used to separate my reproductive system from the rest of my body, now I have embraced all that I am physically, and so my mind is at rest.

You have always been so genuine and kind. I felt so comfortable asking questions, and you always answered them in a way I understood. I really enjoyed receiving informational handouts that gave me the tools to triumph over vaginismus. I once believed that I would grow up alone with a partner and without children, but now I know that the future hold so much more for me than that.

Once again, thank you for everything you have done. I am honest when I say that you will always hold a special place in my heart as someone who has helped me to grow into the person that I am today.

- a grateful client

I want to express my appreciation for the professional care and support from Heather Hannam. Heather's patience, encouragement, and exceptional skills provide the opportunity for a better quality life. She has helped me with breathing, taught me exercises to ease jaw, neck and back pain, and continues to search/find new methods for improving my condition. Her dedication and obvious interest in patient well-being is in and of itself uplifting. I have a better understanding of my condition, and with this information am better able to cope and work toward the best I can be.

I wish there were more adequate words to express my gratitude for Heather's intuition regarding the increasing shoulder pain I have been experiencing and ignoring since last year. Upon her suggestion I sought further medical evaluation and was informed by a surgeon that my left shoulder has a torn rotator cuff and bone spur. Surgery is scheduled.

I shared the embarrassing situation of being unable to sit comfortably for long periods without pain. Heather graciously listened, asked questions and provided a model for me to point out the location of pain. As a result of her care, I later went out to dinner and was able to comfortably sit and enjoy the meal - without pain! I had previously shared my "problem" with two physicians during routine visits for other issues and had been told "there's nothing in that area, don't worry and use soft seating options". To be relieved of pain - especially for such a basic function of everyday life....'thank you' sounds inadequate!

- BE