Success Stories: TMJ

Read through real client testimonials about TMJ to see how much Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center can make a difference in your life.

Thank you so much for teaching me the greatness of life and the skills to better myself. I will forever remember that MY well-being and health is far more important than a nice juicy steak! Thank you again.

– Sydney L.

Cindy Roundtree is an expert in the field of TMJ physical therapy. Within the first few visits, she was able to isolate my pain and deliver physical therapy that alleviated my discomfort. She willingly taught me how my jaw pain relates to other body parts including habits that I was not fully aware of. Cindy is thoughtful, caring and very patient. I highly recommend Cindy for TMJ physical therapy.

– LB

I was treated well years ago and came back to Carol when my doctor prescribed therapy again. I have recommended Carol to others! Everyone I’ve been in contact with here are professional, courteous, and thorough!

– TN

Excellent experience all around. My level of pain is greatly improved and my therapist, Heather, has a great understanding of my condition and how to best treat me.

– ES

My doctor referred me to Carol a couple of weeks ago. Initially, my expectations were not great as my insurance wasn’t covering, I didn’t know Carol and the location seemed out of the way. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Now, I can’t praise Carol enough! I was so impressed. I was especially impressed by her magnanimousness when I elected to come only once. Carol did everything she could to help me and leave me with the most complete guidelines on what exercises to do and how. She was kind, helpful and thorough. And I’ve been doing my exercises for decades and decades. Never have I had such an informed, helpful critique as the one she gave me! I see now how some of these could have exacerbating my problem. I’ve never met anyone like her, who is so expert in physical therapy, the body, exercises etc. As the saying goes, some days we get chickens; other days – feathers! Meeting Carol – I got chickens. Thanks again!

– SS

I want to express my appreciation for the professional care and support from Heather Hannam. Heather’s patience, encouragement, and exceptional skills provide the opportunity for a better quality life. She has helped me with breathing, taught me exercises to ease jaw, neck and back pain, and continues to search/find new methods for improving my condition. Her dedication and obvious interest in patient well-being is in and of itself uplifting. I have a better understanding of my condition, and with this information am better able to cope and work toward the best I can be.

I wish there were more adequate words to express my gratitude for Heather’s intuition regarding the increasing shoulder pain I have been experiencing and ignoring since last year. Upon her suggestion I sought further medical evaluation and was informed by a surgeon that my left shoulder has a torn rotator cuff and bone spur. Surgery is scheduled.

I shared the embarrassing situation of being unable to sit comfortably for long periods without pain. Heather graciously listened, asked questions and provided a model for me to point out the location of pain. As a result of her care, I later went out to dinner and was able to comfortably sit and enjoy the meal – without pain! I had previously shared my “problem” with two physicians during routine visits for other issues and had been told “there’s nothing in that area, don’t worry and use soft seating options”. To be relieved of pain – especially for such a basic function of everyday life….’thank you’ sounds inadequate!

– BE

I was discharged last week by Cindy after 7 mos. treatment for TMJ pain & back issues partly due to scoliosis. I call her my miracle worker!! I didn’t even realize how much pain I lived with until it was gone! She has a lot of knowledge & interest in her areas of study/practice. It also clearl comes across that she enjoys her work. She is personable, gentle, & kind. I would highly recommend her.


Cindy Roundtree is the most compassionate and knowledgeable physical therapist I’ve ever met. She is gifted in her ability to discover the source of my pain, relieves it at the clinic, and gives me tools to manage it on my own. Physical therapy after surgery doesn’t hve to hurt – some PTs stretch and pull way past comfort. Cindy knows that tissues take time to heal, and small gains quickly add up.


Carol is amazing. I’m so grateful for her help, wisdom, knowledge, and her listening. My insurance unfortunately provides pretty crappy coverage of her awesome skills but she’s worth her weight in gold.