Pelvic Floor Myofascial Pain Severity In Pelvic Floor Disorder Symptom Bother: Is There A Correlation?

In this 2019 study, it was hypothesized that pelvic floor myofascial pain which is predominately identified in the muscles of the levator ani and obturator internus has been observed in women with chronic pelvic pain and contributes to their symptoms. 912 patients were evaluated. The conclusion was pelvic floor myofascial pain was common in patients seeking evaluation for pelvic floor disorder symptoms. Location and severity of pelvic floor myofascial pain was significantly correlated with a degree of symptom bother. Even after controlling for post-menopausal status. Given the high prevalence of pelvic floor myofascial pain of these patients in correlation between pain, severity, and symptom bother, a routine assessment for pelvic floor myofascial pain should be considered for all patients presenting for evaluation of pelvic floor symptoms. We can help! 🙂
Pubmed 31319079