My New Granddaughter

I just got back from the birth of my second granddaughter. What a beautiful family time and bonding. Here’s some thoughts I came away with about birth and infant care.

  1. Invest in a large therapy ball. It is so helpful during labor allowing the pelvis to move and rock in a variety of positions. It is very helpful with your little one gently bouncing them off to sleep.
  2. Try watching a funny movie during early labor. This was the first time I’d experienced watching a movie during labor. There was a 2 and a half year old present; the movie Christopher Robin was a good choice. You can bounce on the birth ball during the movie, kneel, and stretch while laughing the cervix open.
  3. The birth tubs are so helpful. Especially in the later stages of birth.
  4. Craniosacral therapy works so well for the goopy eyes, upset tummies, fussy babies, and constipation.


Happy birthing! Get support where you need it. It’s worth it!