Can foods affect my pelvic floor?

This has been a controversial issue for years. My clinical experience has been that for some women what they eat definitely affects their pelvic floor symptoms. For other women, there seems to be minimal correlation. If you believe there is a food that is possibly affecting your symptoms, I recommend going without that food for 7-10 days and then have that food or drink three times a day and see if your symptoms flare that day or within the next 2-3 days.

Overall, for any kind of pain issues, the general consensus is that it’s best to stay away from sugars, limit processed foods, balance your carbs and proteins, avoid saturated fats, focus on plant foods, and eat in moderation. Most bodies respond well to eating this type of meal plan and inflammation is decreased. Another way to look at this is anything that calms your gut is good for you if you’re experiencing pelvic floor disorders. For people with sensitive digestive systems, cooked foods are often easier to digest than raw foods. Your local naturopath can be a good source of exploring foods that work best for your body.