Working from home?

Working from home?

Throughout the pandemic, complaints of neck, shoulder and upper back pain have skyrocketed. Coincidence? I think not.

The pandemic has shifted work environments for so many of us. Many of you who used to be in busy, bustling offices are now working from home. Though there are many conveniences that come with this shift – working in PJs, no commute, coffee on demand – the flip side is that it is easier than ever to stay behind the desk for hours and hours on end. With the kitchen less than 20 steps away, meetings on zoom and no commute, daily activity has plummeted which unfortunately means our aches and pains are more persistent than ever.

What’s the solution? MOVEMENT! Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to decreasing the tension and stiffness that come from sitting for too long. The simple solution is move and move often!

Every 2 HOURS get up and MOVE AROUND. Move further than the quick trip to the bathroom or the kitchen. Anything that gets your blood pumping and shakes up your routine of sitting at the desk.

Need a list of options? Look no further:
1. Lay down on the ground, face up, arms and legs out wide – trust me it feels GREAT
2. Take your next phone call on a walk around the block
3. Dance for 30 seconds
4. Use the desk for a quick back stretch – hands on the desk/table and back up until your upper body is parallel with the ground
5. Bounce on your heels
6. Shake your arms over head
7. Get into a childs pose or a down dog

The options are endless. Make a sticky note with a few options, put it on your monitor and make it a part of your work day.

Happy Moving.
Dr. Rachel