Hypopressive Fitness

I recently attended a hypopressive professional training course led by founder Dr Tamara Rial. I feel you’ll probably be hearing more about this in the months to come. Hypopressive or low pressure fitness exercises are a series of breathing and postural exercises which use every muscle in the body and tone the deepest core stabilizing muscles by decreasing interabdominal pressure. Some things I learned are:

  1. There are many incorrect techniques being promoted as hypopressive exercise
  2. When done correctly there is a full exhale and through the expansion of the lateral ribs abdominal area is drawn up and in creating a concave abdominal area.
  3. These exercises are very helpful for prolapse cases.

I’ll be incorporating them in my practice primarily for prolapse dysfunctions. Check out lowpressurefitness.com for more information. Come see me if you’re interested in including them into your exercise program